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We originally bought the domain name '' with the intention of setting up a website for the name 'Stammel' - expecting people from around the globe to be interested to have a small page or just a link to their own little corner in cyberspace from this 'name' site. It just did not happen. I had one person contact me - even after trying to initiate contact with many (for years).

By now we also own "" & "" - So here it is now reborn as a very personal website - just about us.
We will feature our travel itineraries (which have already been hosted in sub-domains since 2004) and a new site about our "Eating Out in EU" is getting ready right now. We will also be promoting our own business here (with links to the websites) - obviously the web design side as well as the Computer business we have been running since 1987.
Friends and family will hopefully enjoy this new site as much as we have putting it together.

- See also www. San Remo Beach .com - our "HOME" page :-) - by the Indian Ocean

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In October this year - 2013 - we celebrated Jim's 90's birthday here at Chez Jac de la mer (our home). We had about 80 invited guest - family and friends from all over Australia - helping Jim Griffin (Jacqui's father) celebrate the day.

Jim arriving by Limousine at Chez Jac de la mer in San Remo

Much food and drink was consumed and the Mandurah Taxi company was busy getting everbody home save (or to a temporary homes at a lodging or house boat).
PS - the same day of course was Jacqui & Hans' wedding anniversary (26 years on this day)

Link to Chez Jac de la mer at San Remo Beach


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